Francisco Rodrigues (b.2001, Funchal PT) is an a̶r̶t̶i̶s̶t̶ working across video, web coding, gifs, performance and installation exploring the relationships between technology , queerness, and the internet . He is inspired by wrongness, pop culture and the surrounding socio-political conditions. Identities, narratives, and worlds are deconstructed: horizons are abolished , objects are morphed, meaning becomes c̶̡̥̰͓̘͓̊̀̓ố̸̱͖̇̄͐͠d̴̥͚͙̪̈́̒̊̍̕ͅè̸̹̃d̶͖͉̙͆͛̍̂̊͝ . Devilishly sly and mischievous, Rodrigues’s work focuses on themes around identity, depravity , trash, poor imagery, appropriation, fetishization , mediatization, and perversion . He approaches these subjects by gathering seemingly disparate content and putting it in a blender, eating the resulting pulp but regurgitating it mid-digestion . On loop.

2023 - MFA Multimedia arts, FBAUL, Lisbon, PT
2019 - 2022 BFA Fine Arts, Falmouth University, Falmouth, UK

selected shows⮷
2023 Pedra Angular, Anona Gallery, Funchal, PT
2023 PUSSY GUM PINK 1000, Anona Gallery, Funchal, PT
2022 Origins, Michael Pennie Gallery, Bath, UK
2022 Origins, Goldfish Bowl Gallery, Falmouth, UK
2022 Origins, Porthleven Arts Festival, Porthleven, UK
2022 A30 @ No20, No 20 arts, London, UK
2022 PUSSY GUM PINK 1000 in THE BASEMENT, Falmouth University, UK
2022 Meander, Tate St Ives, St Ives, UK
2022 flatverse, Goldfish Bowl Gallery, Falmouth, UK
2021 Miniatures, Grays Wharf, Penryn, UK

2022 Porthmeor Studios, Studio 9, St Ives, UK
2022 The Porthleven Prize, Life Boat House, Porthleven, UK

2022 Porthmeor Studios Artist Residency award, Porthmeor Studios
2022 Winner: The Porthleven Prize – Sponsored by The Trevor Osborne Charitable Trust
2022 Emerging Artist Platform program, Tate St Ives